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Regain your skin’s natural beauty.

Laser Hair Removal

Aerolase has transformed the business of laser hair removal with new technology that removes pain from the treatment, even on tanned or darker skin types, while providing best-in-class efficacy. The laser-generated heat is effectively sealed within the follicle, increasing temperature faster. This results in a substantial increase in treatment efficacy on fair skin and lighter hairs compared to the prior generation of Nd:YAG 1064nm lasers.

Ingrown Hairs

New laser technology from Aerolase makes PFB treatment effective and safe, gently removing the lesions and surrounding Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation without any contact to the skin in just 1 to 3 treatments.


Whether deep or superficial, this non-invasive laser delivers powerful but painless laser pulses deep into the dermis, resulting in wrinkle reduction as well as improvements in tone, texture and an overall healthy glow for the skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

Restore the face to a youthful, healthy appearance by removing wrinkles, unwanted hair, rosacea, acne, pigmented and vascular lesions – with very high efficacy yet in a gentle, sanitary treatment of any skin type.

Spider Veins

Our laser is the state-of-the-art laser for treating spider veins. Now the practitioner has the power of a 1064nm laser with uniquely high efficacy yet unprecedented levels of treatment safety, thanks to the unique power and pulse duration of the Neo.


Rosacea is a very common condition of diffuse redness in the facial skin, but the affected area sometimes also contains small broken capillaries and larger facial vessels. The LightPod Neo is a unique 1064nm laser that can clear Rosacea and vessels in quick, gentle treatments without skin contact or cooling.


Angiomas are unsightly red vascular lesions that can occur in most body areas of both women and men. Our laser routinely removes angiomas in just 1 or 2 quick, easy and gentle treatments that only require a few laser pulses.

Pigments Lesions (Brown Spots)

With the unique MicroPulse-1064 technology, now you can safely and effectively use the 1064nm laser modality to remove pigmented conditions including sun & age spots, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Our laser is effective and gentle for the treatment of melasma. Its high power laser energy with a unique 0.65msec pulse duration heats the melasma quickly for higher clearance. It also penetrates much deeper into the dermis as compared with Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers, affecting deeper layers of melanin and providing better clearance.


Aerolase offers the newest technology for laser therapy in treating acne vulgaris. The highly powerful yet gentle laser pulses superheat the sebaceous gland and its surroundings, where the p. acnes bacteria congregate. The treatment is fast and hygienic as nothing touches the skin except a beam of laser light. With this laser, the practitioner can now effectively and safely treat both pediatric and adult acne patients, regardless of skin type (Caucasian, Asian, Indian or African, Hispanic etc.) and reduce the use of antibiotics.

Cutaneous Lesions

Cutaneous lesions are skin growths that come in many shapes and sizes, and historically have been removed with aggressive modalities such as excision or cryotherapy. But with the advent of laser technology, they can now be removed with precision, avoiding the pain and scarring risk of adjacent tissue damage.


Scars can be treated in a variety ways with laser technology. The Aerolase is used to remove vascularity and other pigmentation from existing scars, while resurfacing the skin to make them less noticeable.


Warts have traditionally been removed with modalities such as surgical excision, freezing or chemicals. But with the advent of laser technology, now they can be removed by simply destroying the root vasculature with the laser, thus avoiding collateral tissue damage or scarring as well as minimizing treatment discomfort and eliminating the long healing time from surgical incisions.


Clinical research has shown that the Aeorlase lasers are capable of effectively superheating the skin tissue beneath finger and toe nails, causing the coagulation of the soft tissue that is contaminated with fungal material. This can result in a significant cosmetic enhancement for patients.