Experience a NEW Spa Cascada This June!

May 28th, 2018

Spa Cascada Will Have a New Look in June of 2018!

As we approach our thirteenth year, Spa Cascada is being remodeled. We are grateful to all of our loyal clients that have supported us along the way and we are very much looking forward to better serving you through our exciting changes and fresh new look!

We thank you for your patience over the past week as these renovations have commenced.

As we progress, Spa Cascada day spa will be closed from Monday, June 4th through Monday, June 11th for further renovations. Our boutique, which now will be located on the first floor will remain open during the remodel. If you need to book an appointment or purchase spa gifts or products, the boutique will be open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm.

We are excited to announce that Spa Cascada will be increasing our number of treatment rooms and adding a couples massage suite. Our newly renovated spa will have a airy tropical feel where you can unwind in our sunlit relaxation lounge overlooking downtown Saratoga Springs. Rejuvenate yourself at Spa Cascada with a quick visit or for the day with one of our featured spa packages. Our new layout will make Spa Cascada the perfect place to celebrate a wedding, bachleorette celebration, or any special occasion with a spa party.

On Tuesday, June 12th at 9am, the day spa will reopen with a refreshing new look and a familiar relaxing ambiance designed to rehydrate your spirit and leave you feeling at your best.

Follow our remodel progress and weekly spa updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Spa specials, information and events are posted throughout the year. Be sure to follow us to stay informed of the latest spa trends!

Plan Your Spa Party at Spa Cascada

April 15th, 2018

Let Spa Cascada be Your Gathering Place for Spa Parties!

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What better way to relax and celebrate with friends and family than by planning a day at the spa. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, bridal party, or just a girls day out, Spa Cascada will work with you to plan the perfect day.

For more infomation or to make your spa party reservation, email Kathleen at kathleen@spacascada.com

The Ultimate Check List For Brides-To-Be

April 15th, 2018

How to Plan a Wedding Beauty Regimen

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Manage Stress

Many inflammatory conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris, may be at least partially caused by stress. Excess anxiety can also disrupt your sleep. Do what you can to chill out, whether it is going to a yoga class or just taking quiet moments to yourself.

Set Up an Appointment With Your Esthetician

Flawless skin should be one of the top priorities for your wedding day. An esthetician can help you devise a strategy for achieving your dream-skin goals. Regular facials will ensure that you have glowing skin on your big day.

Consider Laser Hair Removal

There’s no better excuse than your wedding and honeymoon to treat yourself to laser hair removal. Planning should be done 9 to 12 months before your wedding as it typically takes six sessions for adequate hair removal.

Decide if Retinol is Right for You

Derived from vitamin A, this tried-and-true ingredient increases cell turnover, unclogs pores, boosts collagen, and helps diminish hyperpigmentation.

Take Time to Exfoliate and Follow Up With a Brightening Serum

Regular exfoliation paired with a brightening serum will give you the best lit-from-within glow come your wedding day. Exfoliate once per week initially, and advance to twice per week if your skin can tolerate it.

Skip the Wine and Start Juicing

Although wine contains antioxidants, it is a dehydrator, capillary-breaker, and robs your skin’s radiance. If it’s too hard to part ways with your wine, at least cut back and substitute that Cabernet with liquefied leafy greens—especially during the few months leading up to your wedding. Green juice is oxygenating to the skin and contains vital minerals to help stimulate the lymphatic system and drain out puffiness.

Nourish Your Skin Starting in the Shower

Your skincare routine starts in the shower by using a gentle cleanser, not soap! Gently pat skin dry instead of rubbing and apply lotion within minutes of getting out of the shower to lock in moisture.

Pay Attention to Your Decolletage

Not only is your decolletage a sun-magnet, but it is also prone to wrinkling. The tissue-thin skin of the neck and chest has a very different structure than that of the face and body. The décolletage is an area with significantly less ‘fat padding’ and is generally more delicate than facial skin. Use your skincare regimen on your face, neck and decolletage. Your esthetician will recommend advanced treatments, if needed.

Glow With a Spray Tan

A sunless spray tan will even skin tone, camouflaging any imperfections like stretch marks, scars, redness, and cellulite. Get a trial spray tan before your dress fitting to figure out if you want to go darker or lighter before the big day. A week before your wedding, start exfoliating your skin in preparation for your spray tan.

Invest in a Satin Foundation

Once you’re engaged, the picture-taking never stops. Satin-finish foundation, a universally flattering formula has luminosity, and makes the skin look flawless and dewy.

Skip Mascara and Try Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are great for brides who don’t want to worry about having beautiful lashes from rehearsal dinner through the honeymoon. Since eyelash extensions are placed individually on existing lashes, they will appear natural.

Put the Tweezers Down

When you over-pluck, you lose all of your natural arch shape, which can change your facial expression. Every bride needs a good esthetician to perfect brows before the big day. Brows should be a mirror of your facial features that bring balance to the entire face and eyes.

Invest in Regular Manicures

Treat yourself to a professional manicure every few weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure hands and nails are in tip-top shape. Getting a regular manicure is a good way to care for cuticles, nourish nails, and relax your mind.

Sleep is Everything

We produce the highest amounts of natural HGH (human growth hormone) while we sleep, which is responsible for regenerating and creating new cells of all our body tissues — skin, muscle,  and hair. When we sleep, it’s the only time our brain can repair and reorganize. And the relaxed breathing state during sleep reduces stress by calming our central nervous system.

Stick to Healthy Eating Habits

Aim to have a healthy meal or snack every three to four hours. Removing sugar will help you lose weight and keep skin clear, plump and fresh-looking. Even more importantly, for anyone coping with guest-lists and seating charts, limiting sugar intake can help control stress levels and keep you more even-keeled and clear-minded.

Workout Regularly and Tone Your Upper Body

Whether your dress is backless or strapless, you want every photo you take to be flattering, which is why upper-body strength training should be incorporated into your workouts leading up to your wedding. Working out your upper back, chest and core will also improve your posture.

The Key to Healthier, More Youthful Skin

February 26th, 2018

Collagen. Is It So Important?

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in our connective tissue, making up 75% of our skin. It supports the appearance of smooth youthful skin. Collagen, keratin and elastin give the skin its strength, elasticity and structure.

The body naturally produces the collagen that it needs, but this production is gradually disrupted as part of the natural aging process. Women produce less collagen than men, and this collagen is lost at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 25.

Collagen is also greatly affected by environmental stresses such as sun exposure, nutrition, skin damage, and exposure to toxins such as pollutants, cigarette smoke and recreational drugs. With decreased collagen, the skin loses its natural elasticity and firmness, and fine lines, wrinkles and sagging appear.

How to Boost the Collagen in Your Skin.

1. Facial Massage – Massage can stimulate collagen production and strengthen muscle memory. Build upwards massage movements into your daily routine when applying products.

2. Repair Collagen With Skincare – We have an extensive list of Image Skincare products formulated to help repair collagen damage and keep you looking ageless. Our estheticians will suggest the appropriate skincare regimen for your skin.

3. Eat For More Youthful Skin – Eat foods that are rich in sulphur, such as beans, cabbage and garlic which aids the forming of collagen and maintains the skin’s natural healthy pigmentation. Vitamin C also supports the process of collagen formation and works to reduce oxidative damage, so also incorporate foods like broccoli, spinach, goji berries and kiwi fruits.

4. Quit Smoking (and Sugar!) – Smoking can damage collagen. It ages the skin by eating away at proteins, thereby restricting blood flow, resulting in dry, leathery and wrinkled skin. Unfortunately sugar can have the same effect. Sugar can permanently attach to collagen. When collagen is weighed down by glucose it becomes rigid and inflexible, resulting in dull, dry and aging skin.

5. Hydrate – Keeping your skin hydrated with water, plant foods and hydrating skin care is possibly the easiest way to boost collagen.

6. Advanced Skin Treatments – Both superficial and deeper chemical peels can stimulate new collagen growth which will result in long term improvement of your skin. Microdermabrasion, laser and microchanneling can also build and maintain healthy collagen in the skin. Ask your esthetician which treatment would be best for your skin.

7. Try a Collagen Supplement – Supplements can work deep in the dermal layers of the skin and strengthen collagen from the inside out.

Age Later With Yana Daily Collagen Shots, Available at Spa Cascada

Yana is a revolutionary daily beauty liquid that helps to rebuild and strengthen skin by boosting the body’s natural collagen production. This highly concentrated blend of collagen peptides, ceremides, antioxidants and vitamins helps to restore the essential elements skin needs to regain and maintain its youthful appearance.

Learn How MicroChanneling Can Change Your Skin!

January 15th, 2018

A New Year, A New You!

January 1st, 2018

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December 16th, 2017

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